Crew Management Support Department

Our crew management support department collaborates with carefully selected manning agents of different nationalities who can support any strategy and meet every need of an individual ship manager and/or ship owner, based on his specific goals and trading requirements.

At Nafsimachos we possess personal experience, as crew managers of a ship management company, and thus we can monitor manning agents.

Crew Cost Control Solutions

Based on our extensive network, we can provide qualified seafarers for Tankers, Bulk Carriers, General Cargo vessels, Passenger vessels, and Support vessels.


High class seafarers, highly recommended for vessels with high standards (vetting, majors) and requirements.
One of the best options for European crews.
Perfect value for money, providing a competitive advantage.
The best known nationality of seafarers worldwide.
Ghana (lower rank)
The best option for vessels operating in West Africa, with low sign-on sign-off costs and easy procedures. Hardworking seafarers, suitable for riding teams and as workers for repairs onboard.
The most competitive cost for vessels which do not visit USA territory.
At Nafsimachos, we provide tailor-made solutions to suit your special requirements and minimize costs, allowing smooth vessel operation.