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Company Profile

NAFSIMACHOS S.M.P.C. is a highly reliable consultancy company, providing integrated ship services and equipment, supplying spare parts for all types of vessels.
Our main offices are located in Piraeus, the shipping gateway to the Eastern Mediterranean since antiquity. Today, Piraeus is the center of the widely acknowledged and internationally respected Greek shipping industry.
Apart from the head offices in Piraeus, the Nafsimachos group has a vertical line of offices close to the Greenwich line; namely in Bulgaria in Central Europe and in Ghana in West Africa, which allow easy contact with all parts of the world. From these convenient locations, the Nafsimachos group serves an impressive list of clients, with remarkable results.

The founders of the Nafsimachos group are committed to excellence and through their 20-years presence in the shipping industry, have earned the market’s trust.
The outstanding track record of Nafsimachos is achieved by the personal interest devoted to every project and the highly qualified professionals comprising our team.

"We serve all types of vessels; no request is too big or too small for Nafsimachos."

Fields of Expertise

Nafsimachos S.M.P.C., has five Departments.
Departments are directly related with the five major departments of a Ship management and operation: