New Projects and Representations Department

We works on new projects ideas and among other tasks, it represents in Greece the shipping markets of Bulgaria and West Africa.

  • Marine representations in Greece, Bulgaria, and Ghana.
  • Over the years, we have developed very strong relationships with Greek and Cyprus based shipping companies, based on mutual trust, and we undertake the representation of companies in Greece, offering added-value solutions, products or services, to shipping companies.
  • We follow a carefully developed, step by step procedure in order to secure a successful representation, focusing on achieving long term smooth cooperation which is beneficial to all parties (win-win relationship ).
  • The products and/or services that we can represent in the Greek shipping market must be compliant with International shipping standards, of ensured quality and value for money, so that they are acceptable by ourselves, and by our partners/clients as well.

We currently represent three different groups:

We currently represent three different groups:

  • DANAMAT GROUP, Coating & Specialized Materials (100% Greek company) View PDF
  • UNDERWATER REPAIRS AND DIVING SERVICES (U.R.D.S.), International Divers Network, in Europe, Africa, USA, Asia, and West Asia.
  • Support, Shipping and Trading S.A., international company specialized in vessel requirements and international trade of commodities.
At Nafsimachos, we strongly believe in long term relationships and we invest on mutual trust and good reputation in order to develop long lasting, strong, smooth, added value, and profitable cooperation with our partners / clients.

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